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This free online tool price matches all of your purchases for you — and automatically gets you refunds

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paribus app 3Paribus

  • Paribus is a free online tool that tracks the purchases you make to see if any of them experience a price drop. If they do, Paribus then contacts the store to get you a refund.
  • The tool is completely free, and it takes away the heavy personal involvement that usually prevents shoppers from claiming rebates.
  • Especially for holiday seasons in which prices can change rapidly, Paribus might be a valuable financial tool.

Imagine getting an automatic refund on things you already own. For instance, you got a coffee maker for $ 70, and you really love it, but since then the in-store price has dropped to $ 50, so the powers-that-be have gone ahead and sent $ 20 back into your bank account.

You still have a coffee maker that you love (that you were willing to spend $ 70 on), but now it just got $ 20 cheaper, and without any effort at all on your part.

That would be how easy “price matching” would be if the process was seamless. It’s also how price matching is in reality if you use Paribus, a great — and totally free — tool that tracks your purchases and facilitates refunds on your behalf when there’s a price drop at a participating retailer.

While most stores offer price matching (and many of the big retailers Americans shop at are included in this), far fewer of us want to commit to tracking our purchases to see which ones are eligible for money back. And because no store is going to alert you to say they might owe you money for something you already bought, it is a process that requires vigilance and dedication on your part. (You might have to regularly check in on prices and then call customer service and listen to tinny classical music for a while). For the chance at a few dollars back, this normally is not worth the trouble. Since it requires so much active engagement from you for money that you already spent (and is already “lost” to you now), almost no one takes advantage of such a common, ridiculously nice retail perk, even though those few dollars back on every purchase would eventually amount to enough money to matter. 

Paribus removes all of these roadblocks to claiming eligible refunds by doing all of the legwork for you.

Simply sign up online, or download the free app, and link your email by signing in through your email provider and clicking “yes” to grant the tool access to your emails. After that, Paribus will track the purchases you make to see if any of them experience a price drop at participating merchants. For instance, if the coffee maker drops from $ 70 to $ 50, Paribus will detect it, contact their customer service to facilitate a refund on your behalf, and then automatically send you the difference. You can also link your Amazon account too if you like — while they don’t participate in price drop refunds, you might be eligible for compensation if an order arrives late.

paribus appParibus

By virtue of working off of your emails, you’ll have to be comfortable sacrificing some privacy, but if the convenience is worth that to you, then you’ll be happy with how Paribus performs. The online interface is easy to use, and you’ll be able to find all the things you’ve bought and which Paribus is tracking in the “My Purchases” section of your dashboard.

While the service used to take a percentage of refunds, it is now completely, 100% free. You shop as usual, they check for price drops or late deliveries, and they’ll get you 100% of the difference back. Not to mention that the constant stream of price drops shown and notifications about “this week’s top save” and otherwise can help you find deals without even searching.

Screen Shot 2017 10 30 at 1.20.49 PMParibus

Though Paribus is a valuable financial tool at any time, it’s particularly primed to be helpful during the holiday season. You’ll likely be spending more than normal on gifts, and you’ll also likely have less time to price match. On top of that, many popular items see drastic price fluctuation, particularly once the big shopping craze dies down and discounts start rolling in to help attract shoppers post-holidays. 

If getting money back on things you already bought (without any heavy lifting or really any interaction on your part at all) sounds good, you might want to give Paribus a try.

Sign up for Paribus here.

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