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How to Make Money From Home as a Freelancer

Freelancing is perhaps the best way to earn money online especially for newbies and students. It won’t make you rich but would definitely fetch you some extra pocket money. So don’t even think about quitting your regular job. The best thing about freelancing is that you don’t need any financial investment. All you need to invest is time.

What is freelancing?

It’s like a virtual office in the internet where you sell your skills to random strangers. A freelancer (you) can work for multiple employers or clients without any long term contract.

Freelancers bid for a client’s job and the client accepts one bid. After the work is completed, payment gets done and the client and the freelancer leave each other great feedback. As you complete more jobs and get good feedback, your ability to earn and charge for jobs improves.

how to make money online without investmentSo how do you make make money online as a freelancer?

Let me explain with an example:

Elance is a freelancing site. It uses Escrow which acts as a third party while you are working. When a client posts a job and you apply for it, he deposits the money into Escrow. After you complete and submit your work you can withdraw the money from Escrow and transfer it into your bank account. The freelancing site, however, takes a commission from the client and the freelancer when a deal is made, like Elance takes almost 8% of your pay.

But where there is money, there are scammers. Don’t fall prey to these fraudsters.

Here are a few ways by which you can recognize scam:

  1. Sites which are too good, meaning the job is too easy and pay rate is too high.
  2. Sites who will ask for a payment before taking up a project. Never pay for membership.
  3. When you find a client is never satisfied you can almost sure that you are dealing with a scammer.

And FYI please don’t try to be clever. You can’t get away with the money before finishing your work as they won’t let you withdraw the money before that.

So use your common sense and do a little research about the company you are planning to work with. If they’ve cheated other freelancers, you’ll probably find some complaints or other evidence.

So what skills to you need to earn money as a freelancer?

There are web based services like graphic designing, software development, writing, programming, data entry, business transcription, customer service etc.

If you think you have any skills, let me tell you something – nobody is born with skills you need to learn. Everybody is good at something or the other. Just go through all projects. You might find something in your field of expertise.

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I know you’re an expert at something. All need to do is convince your clients that. ;-)

A few tips that will help you make money as a freelancermake money online

  • Create a good profile that looks professional

Once you join a freelancing site you will be asked to create a profile or may be appear for a few tests. These tests play an important role in getting more clients. So go for a test if you want. Don’t make spelling or grammatical mistakes while creating your profile. A good profile will always yield you more opportunities. So don’t be afraid to be bold and mention about your skills and be polite to your clients. Try to look professional in way possible and treat each client like they’re the only one.

  • Avoid jobs that lack important details

When you find something first read it carefully, meaning, you might find some absurd ads that says – I want someone who knows good English. I give bad feedback to people who waste my time.

Who knows may be he wants 500 pages of literary masterpiece in 5 days. Don’t waste your time with such deals and rude clients. You’ve decided to become a freelancer because it gives you freedom. Don’t become a slave to someone who will pay you 1$ for hours of hard work. If you don’t find something right now don’t worry, check back later. There are quite a number of freelancing sites where thousands of jobs are posted each day.

  • Bid the best and don’t give up

Don’t be greedy.  Just look at the job and decide how much you deserve and how happy you will be when the pay day arrives. With such competition out there, I know it’s not very easy to find a good job as a newbie. But trust me things get much easier when you gain some reputation there. Clients will always be willing to take the lowest bid. So don’t think of someone who’s bidding lower than you. Make sure the amount they are paying you is worth your time and effort.

  • Give it time but do nail your work/life balance

Figure out a schedule of when you can work. It will help you pick the right job depending upon deadlines. If you finish the job before the deadline you’ll have a happy client who will be ready to offer you more jobs, good feedback or even a bonus.

  • Secure a contract

Please don’t get robbed while working with freelancing sites. Always write and sign a contract (which ensures that your client is legally bound to pay you) before completing the assigned work. Never ever skip this step.

  • Make sure it doesn’t take over your life

You’re allowed to relax once in a while – know when to stop. Spend time with your friends and family even if you have a very busy working schedule.

How much money can you make as a freelancer?

Well that totally depends on you. No I’m not being sarcastic. If you do it right you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to make money online. If you do it wrong you’ll fail. (I hate to say it that way). But people do earn a decent amount of money online from freelancing. If they are doing it so can you. :D

So which freelancing sites should you join?

There are numerous scam sites out there. Here are a few legit and trusted ones:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Elance
  3. Guru

As always, all the best, be safe and make some cash online as a freelancer.

You are free to leave your thoughts below. :-)

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