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7 Useful Tools for Bloggers and Online Content Creators

Writing content for online publications is not simple as most people think. You have a tough competition to beat, so you have to be aware of the latest trends in the niche you are covering. Luckily, there are great tools that can make your work better and more efficient. In the continuation, you will find a list of 7 useful tools that deserve your attention.

7 Useful Tools for Bloggers and Online Content Creators

1. Coffitivity

Are you used to ambient noise? That doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire day in the coffee shop. Start using Coffitivity – a website that enables you to get more creative by providing “white noise”. The featured coffee shop sounds are supported by science; they will boost your creativity and make you a more focused writer.

The Cafe Library includes morning murmur sounds, lunchtime lounge, university undertone, Brazil bistro, and more.

2. Ninja Essays

Every writer needs help once in a while. For example, you may get stuck with information you don’t understand, but you have to include it in the topic you cover. That’s when custom writing service Ninja Essays can help. This is a professional service that offers writing and editing assistance. You can collaborate with an expert from the niche of your choice, and get guidance throughout the entire process of research, writing and editing.

The blog section is a useful source of inspiration; it features sample essays, infographics and articles related to writing.

3. Headline Analyzer

You want to attract the attention of more readers? Learn how to write better headlines; they are the factor your visitors take into consideration when they decide whether or not to continue reading the content. This tool scores the quality of the headline and rates its potential to drive traffic and social shares. In addition, you will receive a rating for its SEO value.

For example, if you get a B+ score, the tool will suggest you to improve the balance in some categories to get a higher score.

4. Correctica

If you thought that automated editing tools cannot catch most grammatical errors, Correctica will prove you wrong. Make sure to check your content with this tool before you publish it. Correctica finds spelling and grammar misses, as well as misused idioms that are always hard to detect with other tools.

5. Word Counter

If you are writing under your own terms, then you are not limited with a specific word count. However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to get carried away, at least if you want to hold your readers’ attention. It is important to have the length in mind when you start writing a new post. Word Counter will help you stay on track. Paste your text in the designated space, and you’ll get an exact number of words and characters.

The tool also shows the top 10 keywords in your article. Thus, you will become aware of overused words.

6. Word2CleanHTML

You prefer Microsoft Word, Google Drive or Evernote over your CMS (content management system)? Then Word2CleanHTML will make your life easier. You will no longer be annoyed by the weird formatting issues that occur when you paste the document directly into the CMS. This tool fixes all those issues by applying filters that turn your text into clean HTML.

7. Evernote

This is an essential tool for content writers, who can use it to write down research notes, ideas, to-do lists, or entire articles when they get inspiration on the go. You can use it across all devices with an Internet connection, but you can also work offline.

Among all features of Evernote, the ability to “write” a post by recording your voice is the most notable one. All you need to do is click the microphone button when you start a new note, and start speaking.

The new generation of content creators is simply dependent upon tools and apps. That’s a good thing, since technology makes their work easier. Are you ready to implement new tools into your daily routine? Start exploring the suggestions above.     

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post from Rob Morris. He is an online tutor, edtech fan and online course developer. Follow Robert on Google+!

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