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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

We love vacations! Don’t we? Enjoying the laidback holidays and everything. But there is only one spoilsport- expenditure. It can knock the fun out of any vacation. So here we give you 10 ways to save money on your next vacation.


1. Sign up for travel related credit card

Airlines offer bonuses when you utilize their credit cards and with that you can accumulate hundreds and thousands of miles each year without even flying or spending more than you actually would. Many airlines offer you bonus miles when you sign up and make one purchase.

2. Be flexible with flights

If you are buying tickets for your entire family then even in a minor tweak in your travel plans can save bundles. Flying on weekends in better than weekends, and same for flying with stops than direct. These small changes can save you hundreds of dollars.

3. Travel off-season

Instead of the peak season, try travelling during shoulder seasons i.e. before and after peak season. Prices are low; you will find a nicer weather and even lesser crowds. These seasons may not be warmest or sunniest but given the amount of money you can save during this time, it is worth it.

4. Think outside the box

The reason most of tourist destination are so expensive is because everyone goes there. If you are looking for a beach and Costa Rica is a little pricey, then try Nicaragua. Paris might not be substituted but many other European cities have the same amount of charm and excitement.

5. Skip the chain hotel

Big and expensive hotels offer a little value and burn a hole in yo0ur pocket too. You can look for alternatives like apartment rentals, house- sit etc. why spend $ 150 for a night when the same things are available for $ 50?

6. Bid for hotel deals

So maybe you still need a hotel but then again why pay hefty amount for that? You can make bargains and bids for hotels in various cities. Try logging into some bidding sites to know what other travelers are paying.

7. Book last minute

This doesn’t apply to airlines by the way. But while booking cruises and tours you can go with ‘book late’ ideology as most of them just want to scramble in people if they aren’t full.

8. Take free tours

You could always pay a sightseeing service for any tour but to get a different edge around the city try taking free tours. Major cities around the world provide you free walking tours and you also get a taste of culture while doing this.

9. Pay for train travel strategically

If you are on a tour rather than going place to place then go for a rail pass. It will save you money as it lets you prebook your travel with certain number of rides.

10. Bargain

Most of the local markets thrive on tourists. So take care of what you are paying and always bargain to get better deals.

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